Oil Change & Lube

Oil Change & Lube

Vehicle owners know engine oil changes are needed to maintain engine health, but this service also helps promote maximum vehicle performance, which is good for efficiency and the environment.

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Regular Maintenance Intervals

Most Affordable Auto Repair customers book oil changes at a regular interval to wisely avoid more costly engine repairs that are both inconveniently scheduled and time-consuming.

During your oil change visit the vehicle inspection that is included with the service can pay for the trip itself by catching engine problems early, before the issues become more expensive.

Local Oil Change & Vehicle Lubrication Services

Having a local oil change & lube service centre like Affordable Auto Repair nearby means convenient access to experienced technicians who can make quick work of all your vehicle lubrication needs.

Book your oil change & lube service online, it’s easy!

With our 931 Dunford Ave. service center open 5 days a week Mon-Fri, it really is easy to find a time to help keep your engine running smooth and healthy.

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