Air Conditioning

A well maintained automotive air conditioning system keeps your vehicle interior comfortable and helps to prevent driver fatigue.

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If your automotive air conditioning system has a leak it is both harmful to the environment and expensive to ignore the problem.

Air Conditioning Coolant Leaks

Our automotive experts can diagnose leaky AC components and offer a quote to repair or replace any defective air conditioning parts.

In some cases owners of older vehicles are better off replacing the existing air conditioning system entirely vs. trying to service each aging component. In fact, topping up a leaky AC system can be illegal in Canada, depending on the refrigerant that the AC system is using.

Why not book your automotive air conditioning service online? It’s easy!

Local Automotive AC Service

Why suffer the hot sticky interior of your car a moment longer than you need to by driving to any other mechanic in Victoria?

We have experienced automotive technicians ready to tackle you vehicle’s AC problems locally at our Dunford Ave. automotive service center!

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