Engine Repair & Tune-Ups

Periodic engine maintenance and tune-ups restore peak engine performance, saving you money at the pump, while ensuring your vehicle is emitting the lease amount of pollution.

The automotive experts at Affordable Auto Repair can help you avoid costly repairs & performance problems. If you notice your vehicle struggling to start, the engine is misfiring, surging, or hesitating, as well as engine stalling, these issues can be more expensive than the engine maintenance to prevent them.

Signs you need an engine tune up

  • Decrease in gas mileage
  • Noticeable loss in power
  • Rough engine idle
  • Engine stalling when at a stop
  • Engine knocking
  • Engine running after ignition is turned off
  • Check engine light is on
photo of engine tuneup

What does an engine tune up include?

An engine tune up at Affordable Auto Repair involves a full inspection of your engine system, replacement of any defective parts, and may also include the following services and more depending on your vehicle’s factory tune up requirements.

  • Cleaning of fuel injectors and fuel intake system
  • Spark plug replacement
  • Inspection of fuel filter
  • Inspection of air filter
  • Vehicle test drive

Local Engine Repair

We have been providing trusted quality and affordable engine repair and maintenance, including diesel truck engines, to Victoria, Sidney, Langford and the Westshore areas.

Check engine light on? Your first stop should be Affordable Auto Repair!

With knowledge and years of experience, our engine technicians can bring your vehicle’s engine back to life starting with a comprehensive engine repair which includes your engine’s valves and head gaskets. If an engine swap is the best option, our trained mechanics can also provide complete engine replacement.

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